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FPSC Classic Scripts / Elevator Switch Script Question...

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Joined: 8th Feb 2005
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Posted: 19th Nov 2005 04:54
Anybody know if there is a way to make an elevator go down by flipping a switch? I tried, and thought that if I place an elevator (top-platorm going down to base ) and I put a switch in there. I flipped the switch and the elevator doesn't move ( and no, there is nothing in the way ). Am I doing something wrong? I even have the right entity names on the right entities ( 'if used', etc. )

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Joined: 22nd Oct 2004
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Posted: 19th Nov 2005 05:32
I have looked at this some time ago and got a switch to activate a lift when I wanted to try and call a lift to a players (level) location.

Its really tricky as FPSC lifts only go up or down not both ways which is rather unrealistic and needs fixing.

The point being is yes it can be done. If I get a mo I may have a look around see if I can find the script. It was just an experiment and I never actually used the script in game, but still have it somewhere in case it proves to be useful.

Give me a little while (24 hrs - some sleep needed zzzz) and I will see what I can do.

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Joined: 22nd Oct 2004
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Posted: 20th Nov 2005 02:41
OK not sure if this is working or of any help - or what the condition of the code was when I left off working with it - but you could try it and play around with it to see if you can get it working to meet your requirements. - nothing to lose.

Lift Down : Code :
;Artificial Intelligence Script


desc = Autolift1_Down (move down once, call lift up)

:state=1,raycastup=20 0:state=2
:state=4,raycastup=20 100:state=5


:state=21,raycastup=20 100:state=3
:state=31,raycastup=20 0:state=0

;End of Script

Lift Switch : Code :
;Artificial Intelligence Script


desc = Instance Switch (activate upon use)




;End of Script

Good Luck with that

Les Horribres
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Joined: 20th Nov 2005
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Posted: 21st Nov 2005 02:40
I think that it might work better to redesign the elevators



:raycastup=0 100:state=1
:raycastup=0 -20:state=1

and 1 switch activates as 1, the other as 2...
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Joined: 25th Nov 2005
Posted: 6th Dec 2005 23:58

What is the name of the file that you have to put the script in to get it to work? And what directory is it in? Please.

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