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FPSC Classic Scripts / Door Opening/Closing Action for Entity

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Joined: 2nd Dec 2005
Posted: 4th Dec 2005 16:27
Hi, is there any way (script, etc) or making an Entity (Bookcase or similar) act like a door when a switch/key is used on it?


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Posted: 6th Dec 2005 17:04 Edited at: 6th Dec 2005 17:04

Make your bookcase in a modelling program so that it animates - that is it moves in the direction you want it too just like a door.

Then you can use it instead of a door in FPSC using door script and obviously the script for a switch or whatever is required to activate it.

FPSC cannot diferentiate betweeen one enitity and another - a door could effectively look like any object you wish. Notwithstanding any hard coded stuff, its the scripts that tell FPSC what an object is and how it should behave.

Hope that helps

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