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FPSC Classic Scripts / Entity/Item - Appear/Disappear via Switch

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Joined: 2nd Dec 2005
Posted: 8th Dec 2005 01:20
Hi, just a couple of (probably very stupid) questions:

1) Is there any way of making an Entity/Item either Appear/Disappear via the 'flick of a switch'. (Item/Entity something like a Fake Wall, Fireplace, Locker, etc = to cover a secret passage)

2) Is there any way of creating an 'Air Vent' system that the character can crawl along

3) Is there a PDF or Guide (other than the Quick Startup in the DVD Case) available

Thanks (in advance)

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Joined: 2nd Feb 2005
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Posted: 8th Dec 2005 15:13
1) i think yes
2) yes, segments already in FPSC
3) yes, you will need it. Go in your FPSC folder and go in Docs.

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Posted: 9th Dec 2005 00:55


use on entity as script.

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