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FPSC Classic Scripts / Help please

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Joined: 13th Dec 2005
Posted: 15th Dec 2005 05:26
Hi all - Having no programming knowledge or played around with scripts such as this - is there a tutorial on the structure of the scripts as in what does what - what that\'s for etc etc

hope Benjamin Aeilkema don\'t mind me using his script as example but to me this is just an alien language and while I can understand a little the rest is over my head - hell maybe I\'m just stupid but any help would be great.
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Joined: 25th Feb 2005
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Posted: 16th Dec 2005 09:54 Edited at: 16th Dec 2005 10:47

The structure is :condition:action
or :condition,condition:action,action

You can have more than one condition before you do an action or several actions.

Use STATE variable to test it's state and then act on it. Usually STATE is 0 on script initialisation.

e.g. :state=0:<move enemy left>,state=1
:state=1:<move enemy right>,state=2
etc etc

The best thing to do is try each command and see what it does.
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Joined: 11th Dec 2005
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Posted: 23rd Dec 2005 12:31
I agree wholeheartedly -

The best thing to do is test test test.

Oh - but build a special test level for FPSC.

So you can try new "tricks" in the test level.

Please dont test on your game project - It can be messy / painful emotionally!

Merry Xmas one & all

DAB Studios
Les Horribres
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Joined: 20th Nov 2005
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Posted: 24th Dec 2005 23:28
And just make a build game where you test things, and change the script in the script folder of the built game

AND download FPI Editer.

Merranvo, The Cool One

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