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FPSC Classic Scripts / going back a level

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Joined: 8th Dec 2005
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Posted: 15th Dec 2005 13:20
k working on a multi level game just wondering if it possible to move back a level..
example level 1 ends when u go to a door
level 2 starts just inside the door (new room)how can i change it so when i go back through the door it will load level backup..
Jason Webb
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Joined: 2nd Nov 2005
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Posted: 16th Dec 2005 12:14
There's (currently) no way to do this. Levels have to be played in
a linear manner (one after the other) and this order is set in
stone when you build the game.

All variables or flags regarding a level are reset once you exit
a level anyway, so even if you could go back to an earlier level
you would find that all enemy had respawned, all objects had been
reset to their original states, and the player starts back at the
original start position, not at the door that they had earlier gone
through to complete the level.

Best Regards


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Joined: 12th Sep 2005
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Posted: 16th Dec 2005 20:41 Edited at: 16th Dec 2005 21:30
Quote: "There's (currently) no way to do this."

Technically, YES, there is no way to go back a level.

You can give the "illusion of returning" with a brand new level Prefabed from the first.

If you made a level 3 that was a carbon copy of level one (prefabs come in handy), then
you can move the player's start marker to the end of the level for coming back in.
You could also place new scripts for the entites to behave differently or the same, etc..

But he's right, you can't go back and forth like navigating a web browser.
It always moves forward.

I am currently using this method to have a "Briefing Area" as the first level of my game.
Once, you have completed all the battle levels of your mission, then you "return" to the same "briefing area".
This time instead of being instructed on your mission, you are congratulated for completing it.
The same commanding officer that "briefed" you, now says well done, and then rolls the credits.

That's my advice, use a prefab and emulate your first level.
It's the only way to "return" to a level.

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Joined: 23rd Jul 2004
Posted: 17th Dec 2005 00:01
...or just save your first level with a new name and edit that new level with all the enemies you were supposed to have killed dead, things moved, etc. You don't even need prefabs to do this.

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