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FPSC Classic Scripts / Self Destruct - Spawn Other Object - when in range - HOW?

Years of Service
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Joined: 2nd Dec 2005
Posted: 15th Dec 2005 15:00
Greets. Am trying to do the following:

1. When player is within a certain range of Object_X, it self-destructs.
2. When Object_X destructs - it should spawn another object Object_Y at its position.

All help will be appreciated. Thanks.
Copper Head
Years of Service
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Joined: 10th Dec 2005
Posted: 28th Dec 2005 03:44

1. Put the name of Object_Y in Object_X IFUSED-property and use the following code for Object_X main script.

You may alternativly use the destroyandactivate.fpi script as Object_X destroy script.

2. Place Object_Y whereever it's about to be spawned. Set the properties of Object_Y to:

Spawn At start? = No
Max At Any Time = 1
Maximum Spawn = 1
Number To Spawn = 1

(The later properties stated should ofcourse reflect how many you intend to spawn. In this example i default that to one.)

Then use the appearspawn.fpi as start script of Object_Y. You may also use your own script in the main script that'll use the command spawnon whenever you want your entity to appear.

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