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FPSC Classic Scripts / For OnePost

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Posted: 16th Dec 2005 13:47
Posted: 6th Dec 2005 18:59 in Umans Screen shots

Quote: "I am at your service, My Lord."

Can you help? I would be grateful for your assistance.

I could use some (or one) example script/s for Characters which show how to get them to play sounds when required - I dont want to use zones or other methods but have the Character call (play) sounds from within their script. Ideally if you can confirm if its possible I would like to achieve the use of more than one sound per character used either singly in specific circumstances at the time the Character performs a specific action or possibly being available to be called at random, so a Character might effectively say one thing or another from a random choice of things for example as would perhaps the characters in Half Life.

I dont need you to write a complex AI or anything (if that is not an understatement) - a relatively simple example should be enough for my understanding (though I am a bit slow) so that I could grasp the principles of what might be involved and then see if I could incorporate the same into any scipt I attach to the appropriate charactesr - at least I could do a test run.

Call me stupid and lazy if you like but I and not an expert coder and would probably get myself in a complete mess and make an arshole of myself, so I could use some help. Also I would rather if possible spend the time on what I am good at.

I would credit you for any help of course.


Heres the Smiley

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Posted: 17th Dec 2005 23:20
My lord, what you ask may be done.

You merely must make use of the random command, and sound= command

How Ever, you need to be specific in the code...



the regular script runs, and when a sound event is to be generated, you call the 100 state and it runs though to grab a sound. Random should always decrement.

an example of calling


This will drain you more as you have more sounds.
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Posted: 18th Dec 2005 06:06 Edited at: 18th Dec 2005 06:08
I am indebted to you oh holy one.

Now if only I good get some characters with animations and new scripts into FPSC I would be like a pig in - well brown stuff.

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