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FPSC Classic Scripts / Flyby camera?

Jamie Oliver
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Joined: 10th Jan 2006
Posted: 11th Jan 2006 17:54
Hiya all, me again

I want to make a video (to play at the start of each level) which is just a flyby of the level (if you get me.)

I thought if someone made a script similar to the 'Jetpack Script' but removeing the HUD, etc, you could then record the screen with a 3rd party program (such as Fraps or GameCam).

What do you guys think of the idea? Has it already been done?
I would help to make one, but im not really that great at scripting (yet )


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Posted: 12th Jan 2006 00:51
Heres an idea:
Set all your enimies main scripts to coward.fpi. Add an antigravliftplatform infront of the player start marker. Set a waypoint trail to run through all your rooms. Test game, jump on the lift and volla (or whateva).

As for no hud? mmm, thats kinda hard.

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Les Horribres
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Posted: 12th Jan 2006 03:29
I remove the hud all the time!!!

I found out that you need the beginning part of all scripts if it displays a hud, else your hud will crash.

As for removing the REAL hud...

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