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Program Announcements / Dark Chip 8 Version 1.5 - Emulation is complete

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Joined: 7th Oct 2002
Posted: 7th Mar 2003 18:12
DarkChip 8 Version 1.5
This is THE release... This version now features complete Chip 8 and Super Chip emulation. Including finally, the Super Chip extended font.

I will be adding a few more features to the emulator but as far as emulating Chip 8 and Super Chip all that's left is possibly finding ways to optimize the code. Speaking of code, I know a few people have expressed interest in exactly how this emulator works. If people are interested, I may release the code after I clean it up a bit and maybe add some more comments for easier reading.

I'm thinking about doing a couple of tutorial posts regarding some routines I use with DarkChip 8 so you may want to keep an eye out for those too.

And now on to the list of stuff this release has.

* Fixed wraparound with sprites. Sprites no longer wrap around the screen.

* Hack to make Blitz playable and fix the left wall being drawn on Wall and Squash removed.

* Fixed an issue where if the opcode to wait for keypress is called (which halts the emulator CPU and makes for a long opcode time) it no longer makes the speed throttle think it's far behind on emulation and thus causing it to skip many frames to catch up.

* Implemented Super Chip's extended 8x10 font sprites.

* Moved all font sprites out of the 4kb program ROM / work RAM space.

* These games have problems fixed
MINES - Overlap on the first row fixed. Long delay when you hit a bomb fixed.
ALIEN - Level number now displayed (Superchip font)
CAR - Score at end of game now displayed (Superchip font)
JOUST23 - Level number now displayed (Superchip font)
TEST - Now displays the font sprites.
WORM3 - Worm no longer wraps around the screen from top or bottom.

* The game Space Fight 2091 (SPACEFIG) still has the problem with the aliens being incorrectly displayed on the screen after being shot sometimes. It appears that this is a bug in the game's programming and not an issue with the emulator.[href]http://[/href]
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