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FPSC Classic Scripts / multiplayer script questiion

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Joined: 17th Jan 2006
Posted: 18th Jan 2006 01:33
Im interested in FPSC. I want to be able to create a game and have people be able to have online play. The game says it has multiplayer capabilities. What are the extent of these. I want to have my game be like counter strike or bf1942 where you can run a 24/7 server or have me be able to run servers for online play. Are there any scripts for this or does the program come with it.
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Joined: 28th Dec 2005
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Posted: 11th Feb 2006 07:24
I dont think a dedicated server code has been written as of yet, do you own a server(in house)? you could pssibly run it full time from your computer but your PC would not be usefull for anything else. and there would always be a player standing around unless you played 24 hours a day. but I have an idea.....more to come

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