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FPSC Classic Scripts / Sounds in a script

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Posted: 24th Jan 2006 15:51 Edited at: 25th Jan 2006 05:38
Does anyone know the recipe for playing a sound.wav file in a script properly? Lastnight I created a melee script that works well except the sound. The enemy moves up to the player and checks distance. If the distance < 50 it plays the meelee animation, does damage and plays a sound. However, because the state is always true when the enemy is < 50 , the sound only plays the first milliseconds of the wave file constantly. It sounds like a "buzz" noise. I've tried timers, waiting for animation x to complete etc, to no avail. Anyone have any magic on how to construct this?


EDIT: I figured this out. I had the wrong path typed to my sound file


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