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FPSC Classic Scripts / Blanc Point: a paratrooper story

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Posted: 1st Feb 2006 08:56 Edited at: 1st Feb 2006 09:24
Sorry wrong forum, can someone move this...
Blanc Point: a paratrooper story

Some of you may know of the paratrooper game i'm making and up until now i haven't had much to start a thread on...

...until now.

I've posted several screen-shots from the opening cut-scene in the "Tanner Productions Presents...(2 games)" thread. But now i have finished, rendered and uploaded the first half of the sequence. It's a big file but i wanted to post a high-quality video and here it is:

I'm running late, so i'll post a storyline tonight.

C&C is welcome
P.S: The blank black space is where i'll put some machinima from the game
P.P.S: Blanc is not spelled wrong, its french for white (White point)

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