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FPSC Classic Scripts / big Question

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Joined: 10th Jan 2006
Posted: 7th Feb 2006 19:09

I have this Big Question :

Ok, Let\'s say I make a level, a MP (Arena) game.

How on Earth can i change the .tga files for Loading, Menu, Press Enter, Picked up weapon,
pick up ammo?????

The .tga files that supposed to exist in the folders specified by the .fpi files, are only
the \'press enter\' , \'pick up ammo\', \'pick up weapon\'. Not the Menu .tga\'s (Although they
appear to exist in the .fpi file!).

However, I cannot change them!!! When I replace the .tga files with Mine .Tga files,
nothing Happends!. I deleted the .dds files just to see if it could work, but my .tga
image now appears inside a \'Shadow\' of the Old!!! So, I restored the .dds files again,
and I ask :

Must I make .dds files for every .tga file I want to use? Can someone send me an example
.fpi of how it should look, or even better, reply here?

What On earth is wrong? How Will I personalize the Huds and the Backgrounds to look like
a Game of MY OWN and not all my games to look exactly the same?

P.L.E.A.S.E Help!!!!!

P.s : The Same exists with the Sounds too! No matter how many times I replace a .wav file
name or change the path, or whatever, It always plays the SAME music!!!


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Posted: 9th Feb 2006 11:04
You are being tricked.
No, not really, but the paths can be tricky at first.

If the FPI script says the path is...


then try looking in...


The FPI scripts don't show the languagebank\english part.

See if that helps.

Also, the multiplayer has bugs if you try to use the level editor to change the Menu Backgrounds etc.
You have to leave the editor defaults then change the files manually after the build.
You can search this for more info.
Its probably something about it in the Bug section.

Have Fun!

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