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FPSC Classic Scripts / Escort hostage script!

The Game Creator
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Joined: 6th Feb 2006
Posted: 9th Feb 2006 16:18
I'm making escort map but I need some help with scripts.

Sript 1: When I see hostage he runs to me and start follow
untill he/she is in ''safe zone''

Sript 2: I need ''safe zone'' script

Sript 3: If hostage dies map starts again

Sript 4: I won the level when every hostages are in ''safe zone''

Are those sripts impossible? If they are can somebody help me to do those?

Ps: Sorry my bag enlish
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Joined: 24th Jan 2006
Location: ANGEL COMMANDing...
Posted: 10th Feb 2006 09:27
you could modify the allies script. Search around, you`ll find it

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Les Horribres
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Joined: 20th Nov 2005
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Posted: 11th Feb 2006 00:19
Enemys can't die, that includes hostages, unless the plr shoots them, or they are dammaged in an explosion.

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