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FPSC Classic Scripts / I apologize.

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Joined: 5th Feb 2006
Posted: 11th Feb 2006 03:01
My apologies everyone on this forum. but more specificly and especially these people.

1.TheGameCreators: for totally dis'n you sorry man.
2.Bloodeath: for not turning the other cheek quote "bump*slap*fire*ban" unquote
3.Conjured Entertainment: For totally calling you a butthead. we cool man? erm... now your supposed to say: like the backside of the pillow!
4.Doughboy: for using limewire and not bearshare.
5.double helix: for not knowing beevus from butthead. i havnt watched that show for years.

If you are totally on that list u pwn all noobs and i deserve no better than to be banned.

o where did it all go down?

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Joined: 27th Dec 2005
Location: Canada
Posted: 11th Feb 2006 03:22
The what now
Years of Service
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Joined: 30th Dec 2005
Posted: 13th Feb 2006 01:09
What the....?
Are you on drugs?

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Les Horribres
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Joined: 20th Nov 2005
Location: My Name is... Merry
Posted: 13th Feb 2006 01:58
No... he is drugs.
Conjured Entertainment
AGK Developer
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Joined: 12th Sep 2005
Location: Nirvana
Posted: 13th Feb 2006 07:02 Edited at: 13th Feb 2006 07:04
Its all good.

None needed.

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