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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / DBPro questions...

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Joined: 20th Sep 2002
Location: Australia
Posted: 6th Oct 2002 12:36
Ok, I haven't got dbpro yet (if it weren't for my povo family) so I'm curious.

Just need some answers that's all:

1. What's the limit amount of objects, lights, cameras, matrices, etc. that you can make in db.

2. What's a terrain.

3. Err...I forgot. I'll get back to it though

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Joined: 26th Aug 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 6th Oct 2002 13:11
A terrain is a LOD version of the matrix, you can create a terrain by using a heightmap, currently the terrain commands are very limiting and not very usefull, but the DBS team have stated in patch 2 the more advanded terrain commands will appear, like scaling, multi-texturing and so on.

Im not sure about most of the limits, but you can only have 7 lights (really 8 with ambient) but that is a DX limit. The rest I think are really only limited by performance of the computer.

Specs:- 1GHZ athlon, Radeon8500, 192mb ram
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Joined: 1st Sep 2002
Posted: 6th Oct 2002 23:50
Here are the limits for DBV1:

Objects/images/matrices: 1-65535
Bitmaps: 0-31 (0 is the screen)
Lights: 0-7 (0 is ambient)
Cameras: 1
People in multiplayer: 256

I'm not sure about DBP though, because DBP lets me create an object with an id of 65537 and so on. I know that lights stayed at 8, the multiplayer limit also stayed at 256, but the number of cameras is probably only limited by your video card now! If you're worried about DBP not being able to hold enough media, don't!

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