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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / Error Trapping commands

Rob K
Retired Moderator
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Joined: 10th Sep 2002
Location: Surrey, United Kingdom
Posted: 6th Oct 2002 18:47
Please can we have these?]

On Error Goto killsub


On Error Resume Next


Text 20,20,Get Last Error Type()
what is a signature?
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Joined: 9th Sep 2002
Location: Western USA
Posted: 6th Oct 2002 20:43
this has been brought up before...
Handling errors in that manner has a major impact on program speed and really messes up program flow.
Currently, the best thing is to place into your code, your own debuggers and aggresively have your code test itself for nonsensicle stuff such as devide by 0 or attempt to move object 0.

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