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Joined: 12th Oct 2005
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Posted: 27th Feb 2006 00:27 Edited at: 27th Feb 2006 00:31
I have made a HUD that looks like googles for a paintball game i a making but i can't get them to appear. I am trying to make it so when you walk into the paintball arena the HUD appears and when you leave the HUD dissapears. I tryed to make my own script for this but it just wouldn't work properly. I could really use some help.

[EDIT] ....someone posted basicly the same thing a little while ago and someone posted the script i need sooo...nevermind.

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Nue B
Years of Service
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Joined: 20th Nov 2005
Location: Indy
Posted: 27th Feb 2006 02:02 Edited at: 30th Oct 2006 01:54
sounds cool

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