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FPSC Classic Scripts / runing after you

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Joined: 18th Feb 2006
Location: USA
Posted: 4th Mar 2006 05:05
Hi Im new a scripting and I was woundering. Does someone have a script to were a guy comes runing out of a conner and runs and hits you. This would to use in a game. Ps wats the best website for learing to seript?

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Joined: 28th Dec 2005
Posted: 6th Mar 2006 01:42
Well, the only way for someone to run into you and fall over would be if you made a trigger when you walk into it a waypoint activates and when the enemy walks into another trigger where the enemy dies. I'm not entirely sure it would work like you wanted it to, but that works in its own way .

If you want to know how to script with FPSC, I recommend looking at each of the scripts using Notepad and playing with them. Or you can download FPI Maker from or one of the other fan made sites and that makes making scripts quick and easy.

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