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FPSC Classic Scripts / question about my code

creator of zombies
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Joined: 16th Feb 2006
Location: UK: West Wales
Posted: 6th Mar 2006 20:32
i made a hurtzone code but i want the hurtzone to take away all his health straight away. could someone tell me if i have done it right ;Artificial Intelligence Script
;scripted by creator of zombies


desc = Plr Hurt In Zone



;end of script

ZOMBIES-THE GAME!!! ps- I gave the demo to my mate and he did'nt sleep for a week
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Joined: 15th Jan 2006
Location: inside your webcam, watching YOU.
Posted: 7th Mar 2006 07:38
I think you just have to change the: Plraddhealth=-100,
To a higher number, corresponding to how much health the player has
But i am not shure.

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Joined: 26th Nov 2005
Location: Sweden
Posted: 7th Mar 2006 07:46
No, the code is working.

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