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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / SET MATRIX TILE, Any Known Bugs?

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Joined: 6th Oct 2002
Posted: 7th Oct 2002 09:21
Right now I have a chunk of code that textures a matrix with one image. But now, in DBP, my matrix refuses to texture. If anyone else is having or had this problem, maybe you can indulge me with a solution, or possibly a bug.


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Joined: 19th Sep 2002
Location: United States
Posted: 7th Oct 2002 10:12
When I used prepare matrix texture, it always acted like,

prepare matrix texture 1,1,1,1

I haven't messed around with it to see if I could find a work-around though.

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Joined: 26th Aug 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 7th Oct 2002 10:25
All works for me, I used it so it done
prepare matrix texture 1,1,4,4
and then textured other tiles with different textures (from the same image) So I don't know whats up Sorry.

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