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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / BUG: Array Type Subscripts referencing in other Arrays

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Joined: 3rd Oct 2002
Location: United States
Posted: 7th Oct 2002 13:05
I have an Array 'Actor(n)' with a Type Subscript 'Class' with a further subscript 'ID'.

Everything works perfectly accessing and editing data, except when I try and use the Value stored in Actor(n).Class.ID to extract a string from another array.

For Example:


This Works Perfectly:


ActorClassName$ returns the name of the string stored in ClassNames$ referenced by the ActorID

However, This Doesn't work:


This returns a "?" as the string everytime.

- AsylumHunter
still falling out of my binary tree most evenings (hicup!)
Ratty Rat
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Joined: 24th Sep 2002
Posted: 7th Oct 2002 19:39
I can`t help you with this one except to say there seem to be several issues with types and arrays at the moment, including the built in types, try this:-

It should give the same result for each variable but only the non-arrayed one works.

I found another problems with strings too, they simply do not work with

All I can say is look out for patches, the darkbasic team have always been very efficient at fixing problems and I for one am looking forward to the already hinted at Release 2.

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