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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / pro pack volÂș1 open gallery

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Joined: 31st Dec 2005
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Posted: 30th Apr 2006 13:40
'Mazin work lol

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Joined: 5th Mar 2004
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Posted: 30th Apr 2006 14:19 Edited at: 30th Apr 2006 14:22
I do have to at least partially agree with Jordan in that the textures do look very reminiscent to HL2.

That said, I'm opting to think it is pure coincidence, and it just goes to show how good they are--being compared to a triple A title is quite an honor.

But yeah, that's my two cents. And Dimoxinil, I wouldn't imagine you'd need to pay a royalty, since I'm fairly sure I've seen users model real guns, and I doubt they'd be paying royalties. Of course, I'm not an expert, so I wouldn't know.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

EDIT: I really need to start checking when there is multiple pages to a thread

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Joined: 28th Nov 2005
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Posted: 30th Apr 2006 14:28
*Eats pack*

/.,.\-Meh? Everyone loves fat penguins!
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Benjamin A
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Joined: 31st Oct 2005
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Posted: 30th Apr 2006 15:19
After looking at these pics, I'm really depressed now.... wouldn;t want to live there at all, that city looks really depressing.

But.... besides the grafity it looks excellent! These texture create a real mood and atmosphere for a game.

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