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Newcomers DBPro Corner / changing states

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Joined: 10th Oct 2002
Location: Falkirk,Scotland
Posted: 11th Oct 2002 01:59
I am new to Dark Basic and at the moment I am making a 3d Breakout clone.I have the game running pretty well now on the first level and am now trying to code a few tweaks to make it more interesting.The maximum number of bricks in a level is 100.How would I code it so that when one of the bricks is hit it will start rotating,move along the y axis and when it reaches a certain position,destroy itself.I am using DB ver1.13.

thanks in advance.
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Joined: 27th Sep 2002
Location: Australia
Posted: 12th Oct 2002 14:04
use the object collision command (under "basic3d" in help) to determine when it's hit, then just have a variable that changes state when you detect a collision. When the variable has a new value, turn the object until it points in a certain direction, then move it until it reaches a certain point, then delete it (and create the obligatory explosion effect). Just read the names of commands in the help system, and check any that look promising.

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