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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Just a question...[DARKPHX]

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Joined: 24th Sep 2006
Location: Hyde Park, Utah
Posted: 18th Jan 2007 05:06
I dont have DarkPHX but i will have it soon but can someone tell me how the Character Controllers ( i think thats what its called) works...

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Cash Curtis II
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Joined: 8th Apr 2005
Location: Corpus Christi Texas
Posted: 18th Jan 2007 08:16
You create one, Yrotate it, and move it however many units you wish. You don't reposition it, rather, you kind of 'push' it around.

This is all in the help files, and there are some very clear examples given, so I'm afraid that going more indepth on the subject would be pointless.

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