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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Does DarkPhysics recover from a directsurface loss?

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Posted: 25th Jan 2007 04:19 Edited at: 25th Jan 2007 04:20
Am having trouble figuring out the way of reconstructing my physics enabled game when the directX surface is lost due to a winlogon event.

Please see this thread for a more detailed explanation:

My main question would be: If I have to recreate cameras, objects, rotations, positions, for all the scene, how DarkBasic would know that object 2, for instance, and all its wheels (previously created at program start) are the ones that you are assigning after a pseudo-crash provoked by a winlogon event?

What will happen with inertia momentum, physics rotation, spin, Etc?
If someone can test this, please post some code. Perhaps am not looking it from the right point of view.

EDIT: this question actually would have to be rephrased for all plugins affected, not only physics (newton, ode), but others, like collisions, Etc.

May the 3d force B with U

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