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FPS Creator X10 / Some x10 questions

FPSC Scripts
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Joined: 2nd Oct 2006
Location: Curacao
Posted: 14th Jun 2007 19:34
1)can you shoot projectiles in x10 multiplayer?
2)will their be physics in x10 multiplayer(ragdoll,etc)
3)will there be a mission system
4)will there be a score/money system (to buy items,etc).
5)can you have more than 6 levels(100 max)
6)will vehicles be supported (cars,planes)
7)can you attach scripts to objects(to create sticking bombs,etc).
8)will there be more actions and Conditions in the script language
9)is the darkbasic language going to be added to the scripts system(to open more opportunities)
10)will the game size's drop
11)is there going to be lip sync
12)can you make particle like rains,etc
13)is there going to be a third person view
14)is there going to be 2player
15)is joystick going to be supported
16)will x10 be able to open other exe's
17)will the multiplayer creator(not hoster) get a different exe to ban user,attach scripts(to make commands).
18)will there be saving in x10 multiplayer(how much killes,etc)

i'm the M king.
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Joined: 19th Mar 2007
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Posted: 14th Jun 2007 19:58
ARGH! most of this stuff is doable in FPSC already!

Check it out here:
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Joined: 9th Dec 2005
Posted: 14th Jun 2007 20:07
From what I've been able to gather:
3) Not automaticly, but you can do this even in DX9 version. It just requires some work.
4) No, but you can once again (more or less) do this by your own
5) Yes, and after they release RC3 of 1.05, we'll be able to add more levels into original FPSC projects
6) No, nor automaticly.
7) well, you have been able to "attach" scripts to objects all the time. The "sticking" bomb thing can be done many different ways, even in DX9 version.
8) yes
11) not automaticly, at least right away. Synching does require quite alot of work, and not every character/object automaticly support it.
13) NO
14) Multiplayer, yes
16) No
18) save and load system, yes. Dunno about a record system.

You really should check the bigger X10-threads through, most of these things have been discussed and answered before. Just don't expect everything you wish to be installed into the program, much can be done if you're ready to work for it.
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Joined: 10th Nov 2006
Location: Leesburg, VA
Posted: 15th Jun 2007 00:19
Quote: "13)is there going to be a third person view

I am sick of people asking the same question over and over again when they already know the answer.

Artist/Modellor of Encrypto Studios
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Joined: 28th Apr 2007
Posted: 15th Jun 2007 01:27
#6 would be a nice addition to FPSC.
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Joined: 2nd Dec 2006
Location: US
Posted: 15th Jun 2007 03:05
yeah it would:")_

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