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FPS Creator X10 / FPSC X10--Dark Voices Enhancement Technology?

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Joined: 28th Oct 2006
Location: Millstone, NJ
Posted: 21st Jun 2007 19:14 Edited at: 21st Jun 2007 19:16
Hey everyone,
I recently saw a product on the TGC website titled Dark Voices.
It works similiar to the Source Engine MOD Kit, in which you load a sound file for the character to speak, then type the text for which the mouth to move by. I think this would be a great idea to implement into FPSC X10.

Depicted below is a simulated menu system for Dark Voices in FPSC X10.

Once voice for character is selected as "Yes", Sound 1 will pop up, with an option to browse for a file.
If user hits "new sound...", it will spawn a new sound, (Sound 2), and so on. (Infinite number of sounds.)

Once the user highlights the wanted sound, (In this case, sound 1), below the list will be a text box to enter the text for which the program will read, matching the sound to the text, and the lips to the sound. (Very much like the source engine.)

All of this, in my opinion-should be available on right clicking the dynamic character. The user should have to do this for each level.

And, to conclude all of this, a trigger zone could be used to make the character start talking. (Or, any .fpi script placed in the trigger zone's AI field.) Something like making a HUD appear displaying the text, "Press "E" to talk to So and So." When the user presses "E" within the required units, the character's lips will move accordingly.

Another example would be a Gears of War type. When entering a battle field, and a soldier makes a smart remark, (not caused by the player), that could be when the player passes through a trigger zone.

Thank you for hearing me out,

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Joined: 4th Nov 2006
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Posted: 22nd Jun 2007 00:33
I saw that you were getting into DBP, nice one. The only problem is that you need to rig the character's mouth movements, my guess is that TGC are using the same or similar biped. It's a nice idea still, when the updated source code comes out it'll be great because theres so many possibilities for things like Dark Voices, Dark Physics etc. I might not have read it properly but it seems to rely on a .wav file, the good thing about that is the DBP enhancement pack has text to speech commands, so the user could just type in a speech for the character to say, then edit voices. Thanks for bringing this up Aaron, I'm going to look into this
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Posted: 22nd Jun 2007 05:13
This belongs in the x10 forum.

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