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FPS Creator X10 / what gforce drivers are you using?

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Joined: 10th Jun 2004
Location: Atlantic Canada
Posted: 15th Dec 2007 21:53 Edited at: 16th Dec 2007 01:10

got X10 in the mail today woohoo!

couple problems so far - i've encountered the gamemenu problem that's already been mentioned, plus a new one. in my compiled game, the water didnt' show up. got the nice water 'sound' but no water

just wonder if my drvers are not the best suited for X10. i'm using the latest v 169.02 for my 8800gt card. are you guys using something else?

specs: dual core intel 2.8 ghz ; 2 gig ddr2 ; 8800gt 512 ddr3; vista premium 32 bit.


uninstalled and reinstalled the video drivers and x10 - and the problem seems to be sorted . this is too much fun... not much sleep for me tonight

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Joined: 15th Dec 2006
Posted: 16th Dec 2007 02:31
I agree, it is a ton of fun. Enjoy!

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