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DarkBASIC Discussion / Can Somone point me in the right Direction Please......

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Joined: 13th Oct 2002
Posted: 25th Oct 2002 19:11
Ok chaps, im making a little Tetris type game but in 3D, it may be done a million times over but its gonna be good practice.

So ill have lots of 3D boxes falling fromt he top of the screen, stacking, and if 3 or more in a line form, the Explode, disapear etc resulting in the boxes on top dropping down to take there place.

There will be more than 1 wall which i can switch between whilst playing.

Now my Q is not for someone to write me the code but to give me a few pointers in the way in which to achive this.

Im thinking along the lines of haveing an Array for each wall that stores various values depending on the strcuture of the wall and the program uses the Array to check the values, see if 3 or more are in a line etc.

But this still seem cumbersome, the array will need to be upadated each time a set of blocks disapears, moving all the relivent values down a level or more, at the same time that the physicly boxes drop down.

So, The way i am looking at this is an array that is constantly updated to record the actuall wall layout.

Some kind of check to see if each block is sitting on top of another and if not moving them down until they touch another block, then updateing the array to show this new layout.

Is this a compleatly retarted way to go about this? dose someone have a better idea?

thank you for your time.
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Joined: 23rd Sep 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 26th Oct 2002 02:37
Your way of doing it seems sound - trust your judgement. I think I would go for the same approach.

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