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2D All the way! / 5 Horizons Game (need a DBP Programmer's assistance)

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Posted: 30th Jun 2003 16:01 Edited at: 30th Jun 2003 21:59
Okay...I have huge plans for an RPG.

I'm co-owner of a new little company. And I pride myself on being able to think more like a computer. In one day I learned enough DarkBASIC to get an animated sprite to move around on the screen using the arrow keys and gamepad. Q [ keystate(16) ] and joystick fire a() are both ways to quit the program.

At first I had a problem with my animation...if you went up and down and then left and right, the up/down animated would still be used, and vice versa with the left/right animation. But I've corrected that thankfully. ^-^'s the deal...
I need some programming assistance. I really wanted to figure this out on my own, but what I NEED to figure out is how to stop my animated sprite from blurring, and I NEED to learn about multiple/nested arrays (if those are available in DBPro).

I plan to have my level spriters design all the parts of the levels we plan to make in blocks (32x16 sprite for a left or right side wall) and then have arrays that we can put the location values in to design each area. When a user goes offscreen the get "magically" transported to the other side (simple addition to the script of course). But simultaniously it will change a co-ordinate marker which tells the program which part of the array to look at.

There needs to be one BIG array that holds the littler ones.
The smaller ones are:
array 1: Level Area (no walls or intersect objects, basically just background)
array 2: Intersect Area (anything touching the Intersecting area will be held at that pixel from whence it came until a key for another direction is pressed)
array 3: Locations of bad guys.
array 4: Extra objects, ie: animated torches, lights in the floor (like transporters), trap doors, anything that can't be classified as either a baddie or an intersect, but still does something to affect the game.

Here's a simple table of what I need...
I want it done this way so that we don't have to load every level in as a seperate big picture each, and a comp can grab the values and this can save valuable space too. Besides, the game will have full Manga Artistry, and will have music by the almightily great ZhayTee! ^-^ btw, did I mention the game has a fully developed storyline, and characters?

If you'd like to show up in the credits, help me out. Contact me via E~Mail, MSN, or AIM.

MSN: (never E~Mail me here, I'll never get it)
AIM: DrBrech (rarely on in aim, better luck in MSN)

Our company's site (made by myself) is online, but some people say they have some difficulty in seeing it. This may be due to a CSS glitch, or a lacking of compatibility between your computer and PNG files.

Yes...the picture of Protoman will be replaced by a mascot of our own shortly enough.

Thank you! And Cya.

PS: Please only more experienced users of DBPro. Upon recieval of E~Mail or contact, I will send my current source code and await suggestions on how to improve it (currently, it's just a simple sprite movement script). I still want to feel like I've programmed this, so only examples of what I need with some comments for me to figure out would be nice. I don't want this to be too easy, but I can't figure it out with the poor documentation for DarkBASIC Pro (when it comes to 2D)

EDIT: Due to a recent problem I've had, I've already released my current code...which is sad because it's so horrible still. *tear*

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