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Program Announcements / Box2D Wrapper V2.0.0 - 2D Physics engine with CCD

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Posted: 29th May 2010 00:40 Edited at: 3rd Jun 2010 02:18
Quote: "Sadly, my HD containing a backup of the wiki files died at the same time as the website died (seems to be cursed!)

Now, I can either start the wiki from scratch for box2d v2, or I can make a new plugin for the latest version of box2d and make the help files as I go for once

I would prefer to do the second option, but I'll see what people want..."

Quote: "OK, I've got a week and a half free of exams (except for my driving test...) so I'll make a start.

Making a new version is probably faster because I'll be far more motivated!

@Alien Menace
There's probably not much point making documentation to explain version 2 if there is a new version. I'd be better off making documentation to explain that instead.

Also, there are lots of cool new features in the new version including kinematic bodies and meshes."

Quote: "Progress:
- I've got my environment completely set up and automated. (I click build and the string table, keywords, help files and plugin are all generated and copied to the correct folders!)
- I've created the common functions for checking that objects exist and are of the correct type.
- I've reintroduced support for automatic unit scaling, so you can now use whatever units you want. (Distance, Angle, Time and Mass can all use a custom scale)
- 20 commands already done, including the comments needed to generate their help files."

In short, it would be better to wait for the new version.

294 commands done so far.

b2World, b2Shape, b2Body, b2Fixture, b2Joint, b2Contact and b2Manifold objects are completely wrapped.

I got rid of the concept of body templates. Shapes are now more like what shape templates used to be like, and there is a new object called a fixture which is more like what a shape used to be like.
The reason for this is that box2d is now divided into three sections: common, collision and dynamics, so you can use the collision detection functionality (which includes b2Shape) on its own if you don't need the whole physics simulation.

Joint templates will be removed as well.

Getting information about contacts in the world is now greatly simplified and easy to use.

I also improved the way you loop through lists of objects by designing it to fit perfectly to a while loop in DBPro. (Everything uses linked lists so a for loop is not possible)

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Posted: 3rd Jun 2010 01:26
I love Mechaniser and I hope you finish this project! Keep it up diggsey!

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Posted: 16th Jun 2010 17:29 Edited at: 22nd Jun 2010 03:41
I was thinking of two things I would really like to see...

1. Regional gravity. I'd like to be able to create box regions that have their own gravity. Say something like:

b2CreateRegion mywater,200,200,0,-500

So if a body enters that region it would be subject to different gravity parameters. I am thinking a tank of water that you could float to the top of. would also be handy for simulating airstreams, etc.

2. It would be great to be able to create "explosions" in the world that are not attached to a particular body but to a point in world space:

b2CreatePulse x,y,range,force,angle1,angle2

b2CreatePulse 300,300,30,10,0,360

This would create a 360 degree "pulse" at world location 300,300 with a range of 30 world units and a force of 10. The previous force and impulse (1.41 anyway, don't know about 2.0)commands work on a specific body (which you may not know the identity of beforehand) and in a specific direction.

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