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The 20 Line Challenge / Master Mind

BN2 Productions
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Joined: 22nd Jan 2004
Posted: 11th May 2008 21:20
Found this board game in a cabinet and decided to make a text based one. There is no media required and it is kinda boring to look at, but it is still pretty fun. Anyway, a rundown of the game is this:

The computer makes a randomly generated set of 4 numbers (no doubles) from using the numbers 1-5 (with higher difficulty settings it can go up 9).

You have 10 guesses to try to guess that combination. The computer will only tell you how many numbers you got that are correct (right number and place), but won't tell you which ones.

compressed code


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Joined: 22nd Feb 2003
Posted: 22nd Aug 2008 22:41
I used to have the little electronic pocket version of this and I always sucked at it, but I just solved this 3 times in a row, its a very fun little logic puzzle and i enjoyed it!

DarkBasic Pro Guy
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Joined: 4th Jun 2004
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Posted: 26th Aug 2008 02:58
The game is pretty nice, though the lack of no graphics at all caught me very fast. Also I noticed you used goto, which is known to make confusing code, then when trying to make something in 20 lines it can make it worse.

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