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2D All the way! / Inputting 2D Sprites issue

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Joined: 7th Jul 2003
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Posted: 10th Jul 2003 22:31
Thanks guys for the help but I've got another issue. I don't have DB Pro but I do have DB and it's just hard for me to understand how to put my sprite in DarkBAsic. I created a sprite of me as a cartoon character and I want it to just appear on DarkBasic and I move it around but I can't even get it on DarkBasic. Just what is spritenumber because the name of my file is sprite.bmp but I mean how do I put it in. I'm a newbie I know but I just need help. Thanks for your replies.

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Posted: 10th Jul 2003 22:33
load image 99, "sprite.bmp" : `load the image into image number 99
sprite 1,300,200,99 : `Create sprite number 1 at position 300,200 with image 99

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