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Newcomers DBPro Corner / [ANNOUNCEMENT] Forum Rules and Newcomers F.A.Qs + Helpful Hints! Read This BEFORE Posting!

John H
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Posted: 15th Jul 2003 01:40 Edited at: 23rd Nov 2003 19:51

1) Please only post your question in one forum! People commonly post their question in both Dark Basic / Pro discussion and the Newcomers Corner. Please only post in one forum!

2) If you have more than one question, please put them all in one thread! Dont make 3 different threads for 3 different questions! If you have 2 questions, then think of another, try and put that one in your current thread, unless that topic is dead which would then be a case where you would make a new post.

3) Wait until your question is off the first page before reposting it! Please dont have 3 threads on the first page all asking the same question! Example : You post a thread named "Help with Sprites" and no one responds. Please wait until this post is off the first page (its also a good idea to post in the thread 'bumping' it up if no one responds) before posting the same question again!

4) Please be verbose when asking your questions! Please dont post with a thread title "HELP ME!!!!" instead, try and be more informative, for instance "Please help me with functions." It is also a good idea to post some of your problem code and your system specifications so we can have a better idea of what is going on.

5) And please don't put things like <b></b> or <i></i> or any other html tags in the title of your post. No html works in the forum and forum code does not work in titles. People will be less likely to look at it. For some more forum etiquette, please refrain from raising posts from the dead (meaning, please dont post in topics that have been inactive for over a month) This just gets really annoying. Feel free to 'bump' a topic if it hasnt been responded to in a day or so, and you really need a response.

6) Also, when you need help debugging one of your progs, please, PLEASE include a snippet with your post. It is almost impossible to help you solve any problems if we dont know what the program looks like.

Thanks for your time reading this, and have fun with Dark Basic / Professional!

As of July 12th, 2003 any posts not abiding by these rules [after 1 warning] will be subject to lock. After the re-creation of the post the old post will be deleted.

F.A.Q. , Resources and Helpful Hints!

Compiled By Yellow - DB Community Input also included

Here is a tutorial on making a good game, along with some dbp commands.
Here's another good tutorial
And here is the guide to just about every command in DBP Some great beginners tutorials by TDK_Man. Just click tutorials on the left hand side.
Remeber, if you're new, just try to at least go through these tutorials, experiment on your own before you ask for help.

Also, here is a list of my recommended tools.

3D Tools
wings3d (free)
milkshape ($20)
Truespace 3.2 (free)

Animation Specific
Character FX

2D Tools
ms paint, yup that's right, it'll due for some things
Jasc Paint shop Pro
Adobe Photoshop

BSP Map Editors
valve hammer editor
Cartography shop

Misc. Tools
deep exploration(file converter)

World Making - Outdoor

Free Texture Resources

UV Mapping
Lithium Unwrap

Resource Websites[Van B Creations]
More links available from http://www.darkbasic.comand


More Good Stuff


1- Q.What are my limitations with db/Dbp?
A.Your imagination, and how much time and effort you give into it.

2- Q.Recommended software?
A.Look a few sentances up.

3- Q.Does db support multiplayer?
A.No, but if you buy the enhancement pack it will, and dbpalso has built in multiplayer support.

4. Q.How many people can dbp support
A.I believe 256 max.

5- Q.How many polygons can db/dbp handle?
A.Too many for you to be concered about.(It's in the 100millions)

6- Q.Where are some tutorials?
A.I listed some above.

7- Q.Why won't my textures show on my characters/objects/etc.?
A.Make sure your char./object/etc. is in the proper format that is accepted by db/dbp.Usually .x is recommended.I've provided a link to Deep Exploration which can convert most objects into that format, and truespace 3.2 also does many of the common ones.You also must make sure that your textures are in the same directory as your model.

8- Q.Is there a forum search?
A. Yes,

9- Q.What's the difference between DBP,DBC,and db enhanhced?Which is better?
Okay, DBC was the first dark basic.It's been around longer, and is pretty stable, although it is no longer being worked on.Db enhanced is like an expansion pack to dbc.It adds more commands, mainly giving support for multiplayer games.DBP, is the newest, and the most powerful of the three.It has built in multiplayer support, along with tons of other new commmands that dbc simply does now offer.

10- Q.Which of those three should I buy?
A.Well, to get db enhanced you'd first have to buy dbc.If you want a faster, more powerful language then go with dbp.Try out the demo for dbc and dbp here.

Note: If this f.a.q doesn't help you then please post, and I will make them even more specific.


Other things to keep in mind

1- Be kind to other forum members! Treat others the way you would like to be treated! Showing respect and kindness will earn you the same!

2-Don't type your WHOLE post in all bold,itlaics,or all in uppercase,
because it is rude.


Please, please, please, although this is the newcomer's section, I'm still warning everyone not to ask for pay,offer pay, say there gonna make a mmorpg/rpg/huge rts/next quake 3 in the team request section.
Also, please do your best to put threads in the right forum.

I'm only writing this, so that hopefully more people will let this get out to them, and if it does, there won't be many problems around here.

Thanks for reading.

Happy coding!

RPGamer - Yellow, and the rest of the DB Community

Dont forget to Join the Forums!

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