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Newcomers DBPro Corner / beginner help

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Joined: 11th Oct 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 30th Oct 2002 17:19
I've just installed DBpro. Never attempted any programming before and am really floundering.

Have gone through GETTING STARTED - didn't understand all of it though.

Gone through the EXAMPLES section and couldn't follow a lot of it.

Then worked through the PRINCIPLES and fared a bit better. Couldn't follow all that stuff about lottery and arrays and restore and branch statements etc.

When I get to the tutorial what am I supposed to do? Di you have to break down all the code because by this stage it still looks like GREEK to me!

In short guys (and gals) help. Is there a better book I can buy to explain all this stuff. I really need a concise step by step book to lead me through.

Cheers everyone.
Here's looking at you, kid
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Joined: 12th Sep 2002
Location: Canada
Posted: 30th Oct 2002 17:42
you're going to hear this a lot, so there's no reason for me not to say it first: remember that learning to program is different from designing a video game. turning that design INTO a game is again a different matter.

here's the thing, you're going to want to go back through those samples and figure them out. it is very hard for us to give you direction on ALL of the language. however, if you take some time to understand better some of the samples, and then ask us more specific questions, we will be all of the help in the world.

here are some things to try out:
1) write the classic "hello world!" application
- use the CENTER TEXT command
2) make "hello world!" move accross the screen
- use a DO...LOOP structure
- use a variable called "position"
- in the CENTER TEXT command, use "position" instead of a number
- increase the value of "position" each iteration of the loop
3) change it so that you let the user type in a message first, and then move that text accross the screen
- look up the INPUT command
4) make the text bounce off of the sides

you're going to find very quickly that there is a lot to understand. you will be lost, but that is how everyone started, so chin up. if you're not dedicated enough to spend many, many hours then this will be a lot more difficult for you.

you will get better results if you learn to learn more efficiently. break down your problem at hand as best you can to the smallest possible pieces, and then research how to build a solution for each of the small pieces.

let's take this for example: "I want to enter some text and have it bounce all over the screen." to someone who's never been exposed to programming, this may be somewhat daunting. but you do have some tools at hand: your brain and a help file. here's what we need to do:
1) identify that we want to work with text
2) identify that we'll need to work with the keyboard and text input
3) identify that we are going to be doing something over and over again (drawing the text to the screen each frame)

now that we know that, we can pop open the help file. you'll see the 'Commands' section. click on it. make it your friend. love it. learn it. breathe it. it will make you whole. lol

anyhoo...looking at the groups of commands, you'll quickly find what you're looking for.

now, the kind of question that you're going to get a better answer to is this: "I'm working on a little text program and having trouble with getting the text from the INPUT statement into the CENTER TEXT command. Can someone give me an example?"

hope this serves as a starting point for you. good luck!

-= i only do what my rice krispies tell me to do =-

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