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DarkBASIC Discussion / Erm mainly for Kerantree

Shadow Robert
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Posted: 1st Nov 2002 01:07
oki, i took a few mins out to actually think about the problem as i've never really wondered about the export ...
I dunno how but it slipped my memory that you had to define the export hahaa

i would recommend just to make sure you remember what value your checking for you name the export the same, but i can't believe i forgot that you had to setup the function itself as the return

well should help you alot (^_^)
but also help a few newbies with the same problem ...

for those who don't know i tend to use a single letter to make the code more understandable,

b = boolean which is either true (1) or false (0)
v = interget value
f = float ... i know you have to also place a # at the end but it still helps in certain situations
s = string ... also you put a $ at the end, but hey same point as above, certain instances you'll have interger code to define it or something
g = global, althought technically these are always predefined arrays with a single value - still helps to know what are arrays and what are global values.
a = array, well self explinitory
_ = subroutine
__= label

may seem a little silly to have ontop of the DB ones my own little definitions, but helps me to know what does what at a simple glance - good for more complex code
Anata aru kowagaru no watashi![/img]

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