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Joined: 2nd Nov 2002
Posted: 2nd Nov 2002 21:52
I have recently pirchased DB, (3 days percise)
i understand the tutorials, yet to complete the detailed ones but, i dont understand how the tutorials can help me make my own games,

it shows how to make theose specific games, but...

well ya know it all boils down to ...

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Joined: 9th Oct 2002
Location: Netherlands
Posted: 3rd Nov 2002 00:14
Lol I seem to have the same problem. I've been asking all sorts of questions here for centurys. Im not giving up though since I am.... making.... very.... slow.... progress.

My advice to you is to do lots of searches on the internet for free DarkBasic sources. They've helped me a lot.

Here's a very good link for you:

I have just learned so much stuff from this program, and still look around in it. Lot's of free sources, just change and alter stuff in them, you'll see what different commands do., the classic Commodore 64 and Amiga site.
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Joined: 31st Oct 2002
Location: Australia
Posted: 3rd Nov 2002 00:33
The tutorials show you different parts/engines you'll need in a game of your own. A game consists of lots of things (collision, lighting, movement, etc) you build them piece by piece and add them together until it forms a fully finshed product. If your just learning I suggest you just play around with the tutorials till you get the hang of things though

The Darthster
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Joined: 25th Sep 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 3rd Nov 2002 00:40
The tutorials help you understand the commands so you know how to use them in your own programs. Actually, I didn't get much help at all from the tutorials, it was from studying the help files and examples, and changing parameters to see the effect. At the beginning, I looked at the 3rd person camera example and thought 'I'll never understand how to use these matrix things'. I changed the code around and made a simple flight simulator on the first day, just by loading different models and using the 'move object' command. Now I know enough to be able to define a problem and think out the fundamental code in my head before I start. Quite what the relevance of that was I don't know, but still. Get it clear in your head how the most used commands work, and how to use them to acheive the effects you want. Then you can start making your own games.

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