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Geek Culture / [ANNOUNCEMENT] Non-Constructive Posts

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Posted: 5th Jan 2009 21:58
In order to make the Forums a more pleasant experience - especially for newcomers - the moderators will be taking a strict line on non-constructive posts. Offenders can expect to be placed on moderation for three days, with repeat offenders finding themselves moderated to a greater extent.

So what is a non-constructive post? Here are some examples, although not exhaustive:

"Use the search button" (in isolation, without any other value in the post) Anything containing the word "noob".
"I posted before this was locked"
"Hello I'm a cat"

There is nothing wrong with healthy debate and providing different or better ways to do the same thing, and this kind of discussion is welcomed.

What will not be tolerated is any post that discourages rather than encourages.

To summarise - If you don't have anything constructive to add, don't post!

Rick & Lee - TGC Owners.

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