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Dark GDK .NET / Vista 64 cant change to x86

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Joined: 3rd Jul 2005
Location: Manchester, England
Posted: 6th Feb 2009 01:35

(c# 2008 express
vista 64 home premium)

Having trouble installing

Actually its installed and runs the tutorials, but it stops on

I suspect its because I need to change it to run in x86 mode, problem is that it wont let me. I know how to change it, its just the options aren't there. If I go into one of the tutorials for instance I can Highlight the Solution then go into Build>Configuration Manager and see the x86 (which is already selected).

Create one from scratch quite simply doesn't give the me same options. Highlight Solution, Build> Configuration doesn't show up.

Any other program I've ever done has allowed it, this is the first that wont. Tried various ways to find this, but can't
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Joined: 29th Mar 2009
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Posted: 26th May 2009 03:13
I had a similar problem getting to work. Im not sure if my solution works as I have Visual Studio 2008 ProEd. Can you get to Project/ properties (alt F7), then the Build tab, Platform target, dropdown list x86. then remember to save the setting. I was getting stuck on the same code when using the tutorial examples.
Hope this helps!!

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