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Newcomers DBPro Corner / Level editing.

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Joined: 3rd Nov 2002
Location: Cyberjaya, Malaysia
Posted: 3rd Nov 2002 16:58

I am a newbie in DarkBasicPro. I have some background in using Director 3D by Macromedia. I bought DBpro because I thought it is somewhat simillar to Director 3D.

1. I was wondering does a level in DBpro need to be in BSP format? Can I use .X, .3DS, .MD1, .MD2 format for creating a level?

2. How do I perform collision detection in DBpro. I need to detect collision of player against wall, floors, objects, enemies, etc. in a 3rd person shooter. There are some collision detection routines under the Basic 3D section, e.g. OBJECT COLLISION, etc. Can I use that for this purpose?

3. I had seen some samples came with DBpro demostrating world collision detection, e.g. using BSP COLLISION HIT, etc. Are those collision detection routine only workable for those level import as .BSP format?

4. Does anyone know how can I export .BSP file from MAX?

I know this is a lot of questions. Thanks in advance!

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