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Dark GDK .NET / I'm confused about this code ...

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Joined: 7th Mar 2009
Posted: 7th Mar 2009 20:39
I just bought DarkGDK.NET and I'm stumbling from one beginner problem to the next ... I hope it's ok to ask for some advice

Running this code i just see a black fullscreen.

Changing only the DisplayMode to

I see just a black window.

Changing only the DisplayMode to

Everything works as supposed.

Why ?

Another question:
I write this code within an "Empty Project". Running this code it appears the Doublebuffered Window and an Console window. How can I avoid this ?

Danke you in advance ...


PS: I look like this:
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Joined: 8th Jun 2007
Posted: 8th Mar 2009 00:10 Edited at: 8th Mar 2009 00:11
I've got some VB.NET code that hides the console window. It could probably be easily converted to C#. Take a look at it here:
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