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DarkBASIC Discussion / [LOCKED] DB vs. Rivals

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Joined: 4th Nov 2002
Posted: 4th Nov 2002 19:14
I am looking to download a number of 3D games creation programs to see which is the best. However I was wondering what your opinions were? How does DBPro compare with Multimedia Fusion, Jamagic, Blitz3D, 3D Gamestudio, 3D Rad, 3D Gamemaker, RPG Toolkit and DiNGS Game Basic etc., in terms of power, speed, ease of use and graphics quality?

Also, when is the next major update of DBPro? Is there going to be a DBPro 2 released any time soon?

Thanks for all the help. As for my programming experience, well I currently use Klik & Play on my six-year old P120 with 16MB RAM! I would say that I am a beginner but I am willing to learn whatever programming language necessary. I have a little knowledge in Pascal, Delphi, C++, Basic, and QBasic already, as well as JavaScript. I essentially require a powerful, easy to use, preferably expandable program that should be suitable for me as a beginner but also advanced enough for me when I improve.

The reason I am asking this question is that I am planning to get a new computer at Christmas and would like to move on from Klik & Play to 3D games (actually I might just wait until ClawHammer/Athlon DT comes out, whenever that may be). Having said that, would a 64-bit processor like the ClawHammer actually be better for 3D programming than a 32-bit one (e.g. the Athlon XP)?

Sorry if I seem a little stupid, but I'm just looking for the most suitable 3D upgrade to Kilk.


Marc Fleury
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Joined: 1st Oct 2002
Posted: 6th Nov 2002 00:34
These types of threads are not permitted in the forums.

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