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Program Announcements / Balls 3D (3d platformer)

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Joined: 17th Aug 2008
Location: Scotland
Posted: 7th Jun 2009 02:40 Edited at: 7th Jun 2009 03:18
This is a 3D platformer that I worked on for about 4 months. It is my first major project in DarkGDK and I'm pretty pleased with the results.

The game has 10 levels and the aim is to simply get to the goal, everything else like controls and powerup descriptions are in the read me file.

please tell me what you think.

download -;13859563;/fileinfo.html

Screen shot -
Skynet Games
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Joined: 20th Sep 2008
Location: At home, building stuff.
Posted: 7th Jun 2009 03:44
Cool, how dod you write this program?

War sickens man, and man is forced to fight. Only a true warrior enjoys the spoils of battle. Give forth your arm and you shall receive a sword. Now fight, for what you believe in.
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Joined: 11th Feb 2007
Location: MI, USA
Posted: 7th Jun 2009 04:22
Nice. It's kind of frustrating in certain levels, and the physics could use some work. The text was pixelated and hard to read at points due to the color (try using white). But overall it was pretty fun.

Although I'm pretty surprised that you managed to work on it for four months and end up with only 1700 lines (although that's not a bad thing). Maybe you just write clean code, but I usually end up with at least twice that in the first week or two.

i like orange
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Joined: 14th Mar 2008
Location: Australia mate.
Posted: 7th Jun 2009 06:29
Reminds me of Marble Blast.

Looks good man.

WizMod Supporter.
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Joined: 25th Jan 2009
Location: England
Posted: 7th Jun 2009 10:31 Edited at: 7th Jun 2009 11:16
Will play now been watching it for a while on youtube.

(alexslipknot666 if you remember me )

On level 3 the power up didn't respawn regardless of me dying.
On level 4 it was hard to see the gaps on the first beam because they each had the same texture.
On level 4 I jumped on top of the end level sphere, and the level didn't end. I then rolled down it and the level didn't end so I was at the beginning again. Happened twice. Then I respawn with a super jump and just jumped to the end

I lost my final life jumping to the sphere on level 5.

Good points:
I like the way you don't need acceleration to jump, distance because I HATE platformers which you need to build up acceleration to jump
I usually hate platformers but I liked this one.
Super jumps are fun.
I got the strange feeling I get when playing platformers, can't describe it though...
The sticky surfaces were cool.
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Joined: 12th Jul 2009
Posted: 22nd Jul 2009 18:20 Edited at: 22nd Jul 2009 18:20
Well well, you encrypted the media with Molebox

(I'm spartasoldier300 from youtube).

Anyways, this place is my new home, from now Wikaman1 (or shall I say pqowieuryt101).

Oh and a notice to everyone is that there's a walkthrough, so check out this video:

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