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Program Announcements / Filename Indexer

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Posted: 21st Jun 2009 03:00 Edited at: 21st Jun 2009 03:13
Filename Indexer
It'll index your filenames if you know what I mean

Before we start, know that this is just something I threw together today, and as usual managed to make more complicated than it needed to be. D: Also, use of terms "prefix" and such are probably wrong but eeeehh.

So anyway, suppose you've churned out a whole load of files. Damn they're nice. But you've called them all sorts of stupid things: "chair", "cabbage", "doorframe52b". You're not planning to just load up a whole folder at a time into your game and you don't fancy typing all that in either. Or you could have other motives. Whatever.

What you really were after was "Model1", "Model2", etc. Maybe they aren't models, maybe you've got a built-in file browser and you reckon your files would look nice in a neatly-aligned list like "Model01", "Model02", ... "Model50". Shove them through this and you're good to go.

Take these, do this [P1] [P2], get that.

Nothing amazing. Features:
Index select files (whose prefix matches your's as far as you typed, ie. "ch" catches "chocolate" and "charcoal"; same thing with suffixes) or all in a folder (empty prefix/suffix) with or without Zero-padding (automatic or specified length).
Rename original files or dump renamed copies into "OUT" folder.
Start at any index (usually 1, but could be ought).
Also change extension (if feasible, like .cbr to .zip).
Simple text/multiple-choice interface.

I made it 'cause I figured drawing a level then splitting it off into tiles in GIMP would give me dumb filenames. It sort of has, but in a still convenient way. :/

Here is the Download. If it's actually of any use to you, or if you can do it anyway in command prompt... let us know.

Spiteful Eye WIP. Go on, it's fun sort of.

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