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Dark GDK .NET / Flags used in functions...

Tony Martin
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Joined: 5th Jun 2009
Posted: 6th Jul 2009 05:59
I'm new to GDK.NET and have been relying alot on the help files.
I've been noticing that there aren't a lot of pre-defined constants anywhere. (Please tell me if I'm wrong - I've been searching though the GDK.Net help file and object browser of Vb.Net 2008)

Take GhostOn for example:

Public Sub GhostOn ( flag As Integer)

Makes the specified 3D object semi-transparent if supported by the current display card. This technique is known as alpha-blending and causes the object to appear as a ghost image. If a value of one is specified for the dark ghosting, the object uses negative alphablending.

So I'm guessing that "1" is the only value you should ever pass? It's an integer so it seems like there would be other values...(?)
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Joined: 12th Feb 2008
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Posted: 14th Jul 2009 00:34
I'd suggest considering zero as the other option. This just comes down to passing a true/false flag.

Lilith, Night Butterfly
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Posted: 14th Jul 2009 01:52

The Ghost flag is normally based on the various modes that are supported by DirectX. This value can range between 0 to 12 which can affect the Ghosting of the object in various ways. Both DarkBASIC Professional and DarkGDK (C++) do not document the exact nature of the flag behaviour, but the Ghost function is usually used in combination with the transparency function to allow for None culled 3D objects.


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