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Dark GDK .NET / Animation Showcase Sample Not Working Properly

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Joined: 6th Jul 2009
Posted: 8th Jul 2009 01:31
The animation showcase sample in the legacy samples folder does not seem to work. I get the sphere in the center with the spinning cubes around it, but no animations are played on the cubes (which I think is what is supposed to happen). When I add this code I get a 0 as output:

So the animation isn't even being loaded? Why is that?
Thanks for the help.
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Posted: 11th Jul 2009 14:03
jbonzo, I'm not entirely sure but I believe this may be because the video functionality in DarkGDK has been removed or replaced with something else. I'll need to find out why this has happened and what to use in place of the video playback functions.


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