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Dark GDK .NET / Point at for particle emmiters

Tony Martin
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Joined: 5th Jun 2009
Posted: 9th Jul 2009 06:31
Currently I have a particle emmiter that has a gravity pull towards another (moving) object.
So on every frame, I get these nice trails from the emmiter as it gets pulled around by the object.
Now I would like to rotate the emmiter as it moves through space.
I thought I could simply use a Look at (look towards the other object) but it's not available.
I see the emmiter has a Rotate method but I'm stuck on how to get the three angles I would need for it.

I guess I'm looking for the x,y,z angles between my emmiter location and my other object?

Any help would be appriciated.
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Joined: 12th Jul 2009
Posted: 13th Jul 2009 23:28
Posting the code probably might have someone help you.

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