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FPS Creator X10 / [STICKY] No Rag doll Physics ---- Read This

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Posted: 18th Jul 2009 12:07 Edited at: 20th Jul 2010 18:52
Hey Guys,

After the insane amount of users that are posting for help finding that little Mature patch that enables RagDoll and blood effects i thought well lets make a thread to tell them how to do it and get it stickied by a mod for all to see and save us the trouble of yet again answering that annoying question.

so here goes...

How to find it
Right look up at the top right of any page on the TGC site and you will see a button called "Profile" click it.
Next once that has loaded you will see a page of icons (usually 8 unless you are a TGC store seller) click the top left icon called "Order History"
After that has loaded you will be taken to a page with everything you have ever ordered from TGC on it, on that list will be an item along the lines of Mature Patch next to that in the Action column will be a button called "Download" click it and run the exe in the zip file you just downloaded.
Hope that helps everyone that wonders where it is

I cant see it in Order History
This either means TGC have had an error in their order history and you just havnt had it added in this case contact TGC support at
Or another reason could be you did not buy FPS Creator X10 legally or on the TGC site if this is the case then stop being an idiot and buy it legally or via TGC.

Can you give me the file?
No user or moderator on this forum will ever have the right to give you any files that are sold by TGC if they do they are breaking many copyright laws, you have to contact TGC support and they will give it to you if they see fit. So we wont give it to you so dont even try asking.

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