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2D All the way! / alias edges

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Joined: 8th Aug 2003
Posted: 22nd Aug 2003 06:54

I want to take some pre rendered images that are on a solid colour, that also have some antialiasing on them and run them through a util that deantialiases. Has anyone heard of one or no how you could go about building one.?

Thanks in advance
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Joined: 1st Feb 2003
Location: Oxford, UK
Posted: 23rd Aug 2003 21:27
If there is are a small number of images and they are simple then you could do it by hand in a decent paint program.
The paint program should have a automatic selection tool. Fiddle with the selection tools options until it selects the whole block of colour including the antialiasing and fill the selected area in with the colour you want.

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